Your personal data is stored and handled in confidence by Coylton Services LP and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Coylton Services”, “the Company”, “we”, “us”). The Privacy Policy describes the way you personal data is dealt with and is applied to former as well as current customers of the Company.

Personal Data

All data aggregated by Coylton Services when you use our website inclusive of verification and/or transactional data. It also includes data aggregated in order to process your orders, inform you about our services, offer you customer support, evaluate your business needs.

Weblinks to Third Parties

Coylton Services website may contain weblinks to other websites operated by third parties. Such websites are not subject to the given Privacy Policy, and Coylton Services shall not be liable for any actions of third parties. A user should read data protection guidelines used by these websites. Coylton Services has a right to alter the Privacy Policy, all alterations shall be described here. The user is obliged to read this page regularly.

Safety of Data Transfer

Your personal data is transferred via Internet that is an open network allowing access to everybody. Any data may be transported abroad even if both parties (recipient and sender) are in the same country. Separate data batches are usually encrypted, and the names of recipient and sender are often not. The level of your data safety may depend on a country the data is transported through. The Company shall not be liable for any losses resulting from safety of your personal data during its transfer via Internet. The user agrees to use any other means of communication if he/she considers it to be necessary for safety measures.

Sharing Data with the Company's Affiliates

The Company has a right to share the above mentioned data with its affiliates for business purposes such as customer support, informing customers about our services, assistance with business activities of the Company, its staff and affiliates, etc., as permitted by applicable law. The data Coylton Services shares with its affiliates may include any of the above mentioned data including user's name, address, trading account data. Our affiliates also follow the Privacy Policy when handling your personal data.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

Coylton Services does not sell your personal data to any third parties. We also do not provide third parties with user's data except as provided by the Privacy Policy. The Company has a right to share such information with non-affiliated companies who work with Coylton Services including companies providing legal or accounting services to Coylton Services. Third parties that receive data from us are obliged to keep confidentiality of such data and to use it only in order to provide services to you and only to the extent Coylton Services dictates. The Company may also share your personal data with third parties to fulfill your instructions.

Processing and Usage of Data

Coylton Services automalically gathers IP address and data on website usage when you work on the Company's website. This information helps the Company to learn how users work on our website and how much time they spend here. As permitted by applicable law, the Company reserves the right to use your personal data to offer you advertising products and services in case they seem to be of interest to you.


Coylton Services uses cookies technology to evaluate total number of the website visitors and total volume of transferred data, to improve our services and evaluate the most popular of them. Cookies technology also allows visitors to promptly work on our website. Cookies can be send to user's computer when he visits our website or its certain sections. Cookies are saved in user computer’s temporary memory. Coylton Services and its offices may use cookies to follow your actions on our website to offer you the most suitable products and services. Such collected data does not contain your personal identification and is anonymous.

Security of Personal Data

Personal data is retained on our servers, and third parties have no access to our servers. The Company takes all needed precautions (firewalls, authentication systems, etc.) to eliminate unauthorized access to our databases. We use SSL encryption to protect the data you submit. We put every effort for our website to comply to modern security standards.


You are not obliged to provide us with any requested personal data. In case of refusal the Company may be unable to offer you required products or services. We put every effort to store up-to-date and complete data on our users, therefore we recommend you to notify the Company if your personal data changes in any way. If you do not consent to sharing your personal data with our affiliates and other third parties as stated in the Privacy Policy, please notify our support service via email. Please note after such notification of yours we will not be able to provide you with our services as we will not be able to manage your account without sharing such data.


Refund is possible only in exceptional circumstances if:
- payment was made by a third party without the Customer’s knowledge or consent due to illegal usage of the Customer’s data;
- payment was made by hacking the Customer’s account;
- payment was made resulting from other actions of an unauthorized third party, including fraud, without the Customer’s knowledge or consent.
In order to get a refund of an incorrect payment you need to send us an e-mail describing the situation and providing relevant evidence of such payment.
Usual response time is 72 hours. Transfer fee for an incorrect payment is paid by the Customer.