• Development of websites on a turnkey basis for online stores and brokerage companies on the financial markets.
  • Hosting and administration of servers.
  • Creation and support of databases.
  • Development of СRM-systems, and modernization of existing СRM.
  • Software for call-centers.
  • API to interact with other software and providers.
  • Specialists’ advice to technical support agents of online stores and brokerage companies on the financial markets.
  • Contextual advertising (ad campaigns at Google AdWords).


What you gain:

  • We will provide full technical support of your project and implement the latest technologies to trigger rapid growth of your business.
  • We will design a perfect marketing solution for you and find the most effective methods to promote your project on the market.


Call Center Services

You run a business, and this means you sell something and have a certain base of existing and potential customers.

For existing customers to be satisfied with your work, you need to interact with them. You need to inform them about new products and answer their questions. For potential customers to learn about your business, you need to spend money on advertising.

So, expenses for consultants + expenses for advertising = budget spent on interacting with customers.

BUT! You can save money and efforts. Apply to a professional call center!

What can we do for you?

  • Keeping existing clients and selling goods and services to them.
  • Working with 'cold' contacts and attracting new clients.
  • Support for projects and information customer support.
  • 'Hot line' services.
  • Carrying out issue-related customer polls.
  • Settling disputes and handling complaints, claims and discontent.
  • 'Personal Manager' services.


Consulting in the sphere of developing online business models

You need this service if:

  • Your business lacks professional strategic planning;
  • You need to learn zones of high and maximum profit;
  • You would like to find a way to get a market share in a certain sphere;
  • You are looking for right ways to organize, maintain and protect your zone of high profit.

What you gain:

  • We will prepare comprehensive information on your business processes taking into consideration every aspect of your business activity, its needs and perspectives.
  • We will conduct complex assessment of your business processes (including management process) in order to improve your business.
  • We will create a unique business model for you giving you a number of competitive advantages and allowing you to establish yourself as a market leader.

Creating and improving your business model is a perfect way to achieve success in your business activities. We will help your business revive!

Drawing up a program on improving business

You need this service if:

  • You need to eliminate outflow of funds in your business;
  • You need to determine the most economically advantageous spheres for financing;
  • You would like to discover new perspectives for your business activities using innovative tools and marketing methods.

What you gain:

  • Your business will be more advantageous yet more cost-effective.
  • Financing the most advantageous spheres will help you boost your profits.
  • Our company’s skilled professionals will come up with specific recommendations for you taking into consideration every aspect and demand of your business.

We are 100% positive of successful result of our cooperation and we are ready to give you a refund in case you are disappointed with the result!

Financial planning of Internet activities

You need this service if:

  • Your losses on online payments and transactions are more than 5%;
  • You frequently need to convert and withdraw electronic currency;
  • You would like to establish effective financial interaction between several projects;
  • You need a unified reserve portfolio for several projects.

What you gain:

  • We will make your business more cost-effective – we have a full database of payment systems, exchange offices and financial operators at our disposal.
  • We will enhance efficiency of your financial activities, eliminate all unreasonable expenses and minimize fee and commission expenses.
  • We stick to individual approach and we do not stereotype our work, so the solution you receive will perfectly fit your business.